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Averaging 78.2 years for men and for a woman 82.3 years, the individual's chances of getting there depend on a host of factors, including heredity (natural longevity or predisposition to certain types of illness), habits (smoking and drinking), activities (sports, travel) and occupation (risky ones such as motor racing cannot improve your chances), to name only the most obvious.

The fact is that to plan (or rather not to plan) on the basis of a future life free of accident or illness is to take a measurable, and possibly substantial, risk.

Fortunately, for most people that risk can be covered at modest cost through one of the "pure protection" policies. In the past such policies have not been as widely advocated by advisers in the UK as they have been in other countries, for two main reasons.

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The first is pragmatic: brokers and agents have received very small commissions for selling such policies compared with what they have received on the more costly investment-oriented policies.
But of equal importance has been the reluctance of people to put money into life insurance which operates on the same principle as insurance against a car crash or a fire.
In the same way that your house insurance pays out only if you suffer a fire or other damage, the pure protection policy........ see: click here for Buying The Right Type


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